Advanced Machine Service

We at AMS Sweden AB always put the customer in focus. We started AMS Sweden in 2016 to be able to offer service and aftermarket for hydraulic presses, hydraulic machines and machines that are in line with these and with the customer in focus. We have worked for many years in the industry with different tasks and in different types of organizations and had a common vie of how we could add something to our customers. Starting AMS made this possible.

Dennis Brandt

Spare parts/Projects/Owner
Mattias Johansson

Timmy Sjökvist

We currently have 13 employees who together have 250 years of experience in the industry and we have a wide network of contacts. We carry out both Safety and Performance checks in accordance with current laws as well as emergency assignments, planned works and renovations. We supply all available spare parts.

We have developed our product range based on our customer's needs, but we are always open to developing new products. For us, it is important to be flexible and always think of the customer's best interests.

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